Skin aging

There are various theories about the causes of aging, such as genetic procedures, immunological abnormalities, genetic error theory, molecular damage theory, and reactive oxygen species theory. But there is currently no theory that can fully explain aging.
Among these theories, the most relevant to skin care is the theory of reactive oxygen species. Reactive oxygen species are produced in the human body, causing DNA damage, protein denaturation, lipid oxidation, etc., which adversely affect the organism. The generation of these reactive oxygen species, in addition to a part of the normal physiological activities of the human body, is more related to environmental stress.

Your practices will speed up skin aging and quickly change:
1. The lotion should be used more
This is a very wrong point. The more the lotion is applied, the more moisturized the skin is, the more the skin absorbs. On the contrary, it will put a huge burden on your skin.

Therefore, everyone should use the right amount of milk or some other skin care products at ordinary times, and it is better to reduce the amount.
2. The mask is applied for a longer time.
Some people around me don’t look at the time when applying the mask. When the mask is applied to the face, people usually go to the drama and play the game. Only when they feel that the mask is drying, they will take it down. They think its good. But is this really the case? In fact, if you do not remove the mask within the prescribed time, its efficacy will disappear, and the skin will not be breathable. Therefore, when using the mask, it is best to remove it in 20 minutes, and the mask for the plot effect can be removed in about five minutes.

  1. Day cream is also used at night
    Some people often use day creams throughout the day when using skin care products. Although this saves a lot, but because our skin is excreted during the day and night, the defense function is different, and the division of labor is different, so skin care products should also be different.
    Generally, products with shrinkage effect should be used during the day and nutritive skin care products should be used at night.
    4.more eye creamis used
    When using eye cream, many people don’t know how much it is used. Some people even use eye cream a loy, but the skin of our eyes is more fragile. If there are more eye creams applied,it will make the eye wrinkles more.
    There are many people who will have these problems. When you find the mistakes, you must correct them immediately. Otherwise the state will get worse.

Genetic factors interact with environmental factors
The causes of aging can also be divided into two categories, one is congenital, and can be explained by genetic programs and other doctrines. The other type is the factor of the acquired environment. Some researchers have suggested that only 57% of the factors in the aging process are congenital, while others are acquired factors.
For innate genetic reasons, we can’t change, and any skin care products that claim to change genes are not scientifically based. But for aging caused by acquired factors, we have the means to delay.
Therefore, our skin care is not only skin care, but also stopping environmental factors such as environmental impact, improper diet, air pollution, smoking, ultraviolet radiation which can accelerate skin aging.


Choose a special anti-aging product

Cell revitalizing component

The purpose of these ingredients is to improve the metabolic turnover of the skin and increase the metabolism of extracellular matrix. These ingredients include aloe vera, yeast extract, nicotinamide, various oligopeptides, peptides, and the like, and among them, skin care products containing oligopeptide growth factor-related ingredients are more widely recognized.

Blood circulation promoting component

By improving blood circulation and providing more nutrients to the cells, the skin’s health is maintained, including ginkgo extract, horse chestnut extract, vitamin E and its derivatives. Daily massage, hot and cold circulation stimulation are all useful means of promoting blood circulation.

Matrix repair component

The formation of wrinkles is closely related to the loss of collagen and elastin, the reduction of glycosaminoglucan, and the changes in extracellular matrix components. Therefore, promoting the synthesis of fibroblast collagen and hyaluronic acid is quite critical. These ingredients include vitamin C and its derivatives, various plant extracts and a variety of algae.

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