The tips of skin care

Skin care has become a science in modern times. When people suffered by skin problems and they won’t go to the store to buy a variety of cosmetics to try. Instead, They will go to dermatologists and ask for skin care advice. With the increasing pursuit of health and the rapid development of dermatology, medical skin care products with higher safety and effectiveness have become an irresistible trend. With more women beginning to pay attention to the quality and safety of skin care products, professionals have to have deeper research and understanding of the structure and physiological functions of skin and its appendages. The research on cosmetics is more specialized, and the performance is more targeted, reliable and competitive.

Skin care misunderstanding

First, clean too fast
By thoroughly cleaning the skin, The face can be unloaded and the nutrients are in contact with the epidermal cells. Cleansing also softens the skin, so the stratum corneum absorbs more water, and the penetration and absorption capacity is enhanced, but the wrong cleansing method is difficult to make this.

Wrong example: When cleaning the skin, it is so sloppy, after smearing it, the foam is washed away with water, the stratum corneum is not softened, and the nutrients in the skin care products are too late to penetrate and absorb. Others do not even clean grease and dirt. The retained grease and dirt not only damage the skin, but also form a closed barrier that affects the penetration and absorption of nutrients in subsequent skin care.
The right way: Be patient when cleaning your skin, try to take care of every inch of skin. You can use a cleansing product containing descaling ingredients to wash away the sebum and dirt on the surface of the skin, and then apply it to the face with a facial cleanser containing nutrients. The skin absorbs nutrients and promotes blood circulation under the skin. In order to accelerate the metabolism of the skin, it is more advantageous for the nutrients to penetrate into the skin and soften the skin.


Skin type example:

Oily skin
1 remove makeup, 2 cleaning,3 deep cleaning gel, 4 oil control cleanser.
Skin care disorder
Skin care includes both deep skin care and skin care. These two methods are not the same. The main function of the former is to provide nutrition to the skin. Therefore, absorption is very important. the main function of the latter is to add a protective film to the skin to prevent the external environment from invading the skin, so the requirements for absorption is relatively small.
Wrong example: first apply skin care, apply skin care products containing grease and isolation ingredients, such as cream, then deep skin care, moisturizing lotion, body lotion, etc. This kind of practice will make the skin form a protective film first. The nutrition of the deep skin care products is difficult to reach the inside of the skin, the nutrients can not penetrate and absorb.

In addition, first apply oily skin care products, then use water-based skin care products, which will make the water difficult to penetrate, stay on the surface of the skin and evaporate, resulting in the loss of nutrients in skin care products.
The correct way: the correct way is to first deep cleansing, to ensure that the skin can absorb enough nutrients, and then apply moisturizing, then external protection.
When using skin care products, There is a principle that the smaller the molecule, Use the smaller first. such as toner, essence, eye cream, lotion, cream, cream skin care products, the texture is more refreshing, the more dilute the first use, which is more conducive to full absorption of various nutrients.

Skin type example: dry skin

STEP1 Moisturizing Toner; STEP2 Moisturizing Serum; STEP3 Eye Cream (or Eye Gel); STEP4 Moisturizing Cream (If it is dry season or dry area, you can also use moisturizing cream); STEP5 moisturizing cream; STEP6 sunscreen Frost (daytime).

Wrong example: deep cleansing and exfoliation at the same time, the bear of the skin is limited. After deep cleaning, the epidermal cells are likely to be inadvertently injured, and it takes a period of rest to recover. If you exfoliate at this time, no doubt It will make the skin hurt deeper.
The right way: Deep cleansing can be done often, but not with exfoliation. It is best to exfoliate once a week, without deep cleansing.
Skin type example: Combination skin
Deep cleansing facial cleanser can be used in the T area, and the keratin is removed every three days or weekly; the U area uses a mild cleansing lotion, and an exfoliating treatment is done once a week or every other week.
Skin type example: neutral skin
Daytime: STEP1 clean; STEP2 toner; STEP3 eye cream; STEP4 lotion; STEP5 cream.
Evening: STEP1 clean; STEP2 essence; STEP3 eye cream; STEP4 cream.
1Before choosing skin care products, be aware of your skin’s characteristics and choose the products that suit your skin.
2. The cleaning work before skin care must be done in place. Do not use hot water to clean the face. Never treat your face with a rough application.
3. The steps of skin care should not be underestimated. Please remember: water,cream, and oil.
Correct order
Morning skin condition: moisture stagnation
A. Cleaning is the first step to wake up the skin. Apply warm water to the skin and let the skin cells wake up. Be sure to use a mild cleansing lotion. Oil, sweat and dust floating in the air adhere to the skin surface.
B. In the morning, it is easy to find that your eyes and even the entire face have a slight edema. These are due to the slow lymphatic circulation and the inability to absorb too much water. At this point, you can use a small ice bag or a discarded tea bag to gently apply the skin around the eyes, allowing the skin to quickly remove water. After that, you must use a cream with a firming effect to gently massage the skin around the eyes to enhance blood circulation and tighten the skin.
C. Morning maintenance should cope with the pressure on the skin throughout the day, focusing on the skin protection work.

12:00-3:00 PM
Noon skin condition:much pressure on the skin, weak resistance
A. The skin is at the most vulnerable and stressful time of the day. At this time, a large amount of nutrients will not be absorbed, and it is best to do a good job of protection. Choose a sunscreen product containing antioxidants such as vitamin E or vitamin B to make a double-coating, which can protect against skin oxidation while protecting.
B. At this time, you can gently massage the skin with your fingertips for a few minutes. Press gently on the temples, inner corners, sides of the nose, and under the corners of the mouth for 5 seconds, then gently lift. And with the exhalation when pressed, the deep breath of inhalation when lifting.

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