How to improve oily skin?

Oily skin is produced by the secretion of sebaceous glands in the human body. The characteristics of sebaceous glands in the skin are determined by genetic factors. Clinically, according to the amount of fat on the surface of the skin, the skin can be roughly divided into oily skin, dry skin, neutral skin and mixed skin. In oily skin, the secretion function of sebaceous glands is relatively strong, the face is greasy, it is not easy to clean, and it has the effect of eye-lighting; it is also prone to facial skin diseases such as hemorrhoids. Seborrheic dermatitis and the like. Controlling excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and alleviating oily symptoms is the key to maintaining healthy skin.

Several skin care mistakes in oily skin

1, excessive cleaning

Some people clean the face excessively. A powerful degreasing cleaning product or frequent skin cleansing will definitely feel refreshing, but excessive cleaning will also stimulate the skin’s sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, making the skin more greasy!
2, irrigation too much moisture
Many people can’t help using moisturizing spray after the skin feels a little dry or after a certain period of time. In fact, the moisturizing spray does not contain water-locking ingredients. Even if it can moisturize your skin at that time, it will not last long, but when the water evaporates, it will take away the moisture on the surface of the skin, and make the skin more dry and greasy.
3, do not change skin care products in time
Many girls can’t help but update their wardrobes as long as they have money, but in the case of skin care products, they only buy when they are used up. In fact, different seasons have different UV intensity and humidity and temperature, so choosing the right skin care products can make your skin become the envy of others!

Oily skin is divided into three types

1, the oil inside The sebaceous glands of oily skin are generally very powerful. In oily skin, some people’s skin has a sufficient amount of moisture, that is, oil and water are also abundant, forming a condition in which the skin is “oily in the outer oil.” At this time, the resistance to bacteria is weak. If you do not pay attention to cleansing care, it is easy to produce acne and acne. Over time, the skin becomes rough and aging.
This skin care is to clean and keep your skin fresh and balanced. However, do not frequently and excessively clean, if the sebum membrane on the surface of the skin is damaged, it will cause a vicious circle of “more oil wash, more wash and oil”.
2, internal dry oil
In reality, many of the oily skin we see are classified as “internal dry oil”, which is caused by excessive oil secretion and water shortage inside the skin. In order to alleviate the water shortage, the skin will secrete more oil to protect the water loss, which will make the skin more oily.

This kind of skin care is to do a good job of hydrating. Choose moisturizing skin care products that do not contain oil and have a refreshing texture, such as lotions and gels, and avoid heavy cream products.
3, oily skin changes with the seasons and environment
This skin care should be cleaned to moisturize, and it is necessary to adjust the state of excessive oil secretion to fundamentally improve the skin texture. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the appropriate skin care products according to the situation, and also need to strengthen the hydration work.
The biggest understanding on skin care
Only control oil does not replenish water
The biggest misunderstanding for oil skin is to control oil only. The imbalance of skin water and oil will lead to excessive oil production. Therefore, oil skin stars should pay attention to hydration while controlling oil.

The methods to remove the acne marks

1. Peel fresh milk
Use 2-3 apple peels, add 1 cup of water to boil, pour fresh milk into 1 cup and cook for a while, filter out the mixture and heat.
Fumigation of the face. Suitable for blackheads. Light diet and adequate sleep, which helps to restore acne and reduce
The pigmentation is later. Eat more vitamin C-rich foods such as tomatoes, kiwis, etc., can inhibit melanin.

2, make a mask
The mask is not only suitable for women, but also for men. In order to remove acne marks more quickly, two or three masks should be applied every week.

Carrot aloe mask

Both carrots and aloe vera are good for the skin, and the healing power of aloe vera and the desalination of carrots
The effect of the traces is a good opponent for acne marks, so this homemade acne mask is also liked by many people.

Use and production steps: At this time, you need to wash the purchased carrots and aloe vera, then chop the carrots and a small amount
Add a little flour to promote viscous, and finally add a proper amount of fresh aloe vera chopped for full agitation.
After the face is cleaned, apply it evenly on the face. Use it every 10 minutes or every other day.

Loofah mask

Nowadays, the straight summer loofah is cheaper and easier to buy, so you can use the loofah mask to make it in the summer.
The acne marks can be faded, and this mask is often used to replenish the skin!

Use and production steps: peel the fresh loofah purchased and stir it, then add the appropriate amount of mask powder.
Evenly stir. At this point, apply the mask evenly on the face for about 15 minutes, then wash and clean.
Corresponding skin care can help skin repair.

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